Planning for Trouble on Your Upcoming Road Trip

Planning for potential trouble during your upcoming road trip while you are safely sitting at home will help to get you to that destination safely. Consider these tips from our team at Cabral Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram before you pack the car and leave for the journey:

Have an emergency plan in place in case you get stranded on the side of the road. Keep a box in the truck with tools that you can use to make small repairs, everything from duct tape, a gas can, and even a gallon of antifreeze can help. Try to get rolling before the weekend while the majority of the other travelers are still home packing because the night before the weekend will be nothing but congestion everywhere. If you can't, then get rolling at night when other drivers are beginning to pull over to get some rest.

Don't forget to come visit at 1145 W Yosemite Ave, so we can give the vehicle a complete check-up for your long journey!

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